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Celebrity Sports Therapist Shares 5 Simple Exercises to Boost Circulation for Better Health + Immunity

Trusted by elite athletes, the Intelligent Threads creator shares easy exercises to improve blood flow, increase oxygen, and feel your best – perfect for home or holiday road travel. 

During a season when many find themselves doing just that, Burzynski shares these five quick and simple exercises that can be done anywhere, anytime – in addition to drinking plenty of water – to restore healthy circulation:

  1. Core release: Take a deep breath, hold for 5 seconds, then exhale while fully relaxing the stomach. Once the core releases, the rest of the body will follow. 
  2. Side body and upper arms: Reach the right arm up to the ceiling and lean body to the left, holding for 15 seconds. Switch arms and repeat, leaning to the right. Alternatively, grab the right elbow with the left hand behind the head and pull gently.
  3. Hips and lower body: While standing, rest the left foot on a chair (or car tire, if traveling) with leg outstretched and bend over toward toes for 20 seconds. Relax and let hands and arms dangle. Switch legs and repeat.
  4. Lower legs and feet: Sit up straight with feet flat on the floor. Alternate lifting toes and heels, then slowly rolling ankles. 
  5. Full body stimulation: When you stop for gas or take work breaks throughout the day, get moving – see how many times you can walk around your car or desk. 

“Better circulation begins with a relaxed bone structure,” explains Burzysnki. “Intelligent Threads® is recovery you can wear – at home or on the go – to help release tight, constricted muscles and keep each skeletal piece in correct alignment for improved blood flow.”

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