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Minority Business Development Final Frontier to Freedom for Black America

A renewed sense of commitment to the final frontier to freedom which is Minority Business Development is needed to level the playing field for Businesses in Black America.  Black America possesses a tremendous amount of spending power, but that spending power needs to be redirected to Black Enterprise across America.  Entrepreneurship in black America must be taught from the cradle to the grave.

A part of Black America’s ongoing strategy must to be build more multi-generational businesses that continue to build and pass on wealth across numerous generations.  “It is said that the generations that build and pass on wealth, run deep in human progress.

As part of Black America’s desire and goal to reach maximum economic empowerment we must fully embrace Executive Leadership Training, Small Business Training, Family and Community Cohesiveness, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Long-term Planning, Innovation and a host of other pertinent strategies that will help us reach our goals.

Our collective intelligence and competencies must be harnessed like never before; as we turn within to ourselves to utilize every ounce of our being to bring our desire for full economic empowerment into a state of manifestation.  In the words of Marcus Garvey “Up, Up, You Mighty Race If You Will.”!

At the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. we recently launched a campaign in New York State to Retool, Refocus, and Rebuild Black Business in America.  

In 2019 the New York District Office of the United States Small Business Administration named the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce Small Business Champion for 14 counties in Downstate, New York.

The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is an affiliate of the US Black Chambers, Inc. and its President Mr. Andrews is Past President of 100 Black Men of Long Island, Inc.  Mr. Andrews is also the President-Emeritus of the Black Public Relations Society-New York an affiliate chapter of the National Black Public Relations Society. Mr. Andrews has appeared on WABC Here and Now and NBC’s Positively Black. Mr. Andrews is a Black Enterprise BE Modern Man.

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