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Black Public Media Launches Emergency Relief Fund: Harlem-Based Nonprofit’s End-Of-Year Donation Campaign To Fund Black Creatives In Financial Crisis

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As the covid-19 pandemic continues to shine a light on many of the inequities of the modern world, the precipice upon which many independent artists often live has been thrown into sharp relief.

Black Public Media (BPM), a nonprofit with a 40-year record of supporting artists who create and produce media content about the Black experience, has launched the BPM Emergency Relief Fund (ERF) to provide financial assistance to Black creatives and media makers facing crises brought on by unforeseen emergencies.

To kick off the new initiative, BPM is devoting its year-end campaign drive to raising $20,000 for the fund to help support artists in need.  

An offshoot of BPM’s covid-19 Relief Fund — which was created in spring 2020 and saw the nonprofit award a total of $30,000 to 36 creatives in grants ranging from $250 to $1,000 — the new BPM Emergency Relief Fund will be a permanent reserve, positioning BPM to provide succor to Black artists during times of catastrophe. Through the fund, BPM will offer assistance to artists currently working on BPM-funded projects or those within their archive of projects who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, natural disasters, and medical emergencies.  

“The sudden changes brought to everyday life because of covid-19 and the shutdown of many aspects of the arts communities exposed how vulnerable many creatives are to drastic changes to their livelihood,” said BPM Executive Director Leslie Fields-Cruz. “With our new Emergency Relief Fund, we aim to help the independent artist community survive unanticipated emergencies even as the pandemic eases.”    

One hundred percent of donations made to the fund will go directly to Black artists in need.

During December, supporters who buy merchandise at the new Black Public Media Shop, will see all proceeds from their purchases benefit the ERF.

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