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“Soulful Yoga”: A Global Deep Healing Platform For People of Color

Karen Taylor Bass, photo: courtesy Soulful Yoga

According to the Psychiatric Times, “The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted people of color disproportionately. One-third of African Americans will suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, a mental condition that can develop after experiencing a traumatic event or natural disaster like a pandemic.

The impact can lead to a wide range of symptoms from depression and anxiety, to sleep and concentration issues. The rates will differ in Black and Caucasian communities at different rates, in different ways, and for various reasons like postpartum depression, in women of color, from our little ones in virtual classes to college students, senior citizens and even our men in group homes and halfway houses.  

“I want to bring together a community of BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) to breathe, release, heal, and feel with my Soulful Yoga meditation sessions. It’s important that we push forward and focus on our self-care to live a more balanced lifestyle. The world is in a state of pain and hurting. Hopefully, my offering can bring love, movement, dialogue, and good vibes,” says Karen Taylor Bass, Certified Yoga Instructor and Meditation Coach (RYT-200).

Photo: Courtesy of Soulful Yoga

“My community is predisposed to many challenges. Today’s  pandemic, post-election fatigue and current racial climate has compromised our health and wellness, both physically and mentally. If I can provide minutes or an hour of relaxation in meditation, laughter and virtual yoga wellness to communities via Zoom, Skype and Google Classroom, then that is what I will do,” she insists. 

Soulful Yoga is a profound connection of the mind, body, and soul with yoga asanas (postures), movement, and affirmations from the diaspora of India, Africa, and Caribbean rhythm, blended with a splash of western influence. “I like to think my class is a healing yoga party.” Music selections vary, from jazz, reggae and gospel, to soul, hip hop, popular music, and more.

Karen admits, “Yoga saved me from anxiety and post-partum depression thirteen years ago, after having my first child and only daughter at the age of 40. It required me to commit to self, to breath and explore, and to unlock what was holding me back. I cried after each class. Happy tears. Healing tears.”

She continues, “Today, I’m a yoga instructor and meditation coach on a journey living with purpose and passion.”

Bass is an award-winning Media Strategist, best-selling author, media instructor and founder of TaylorMade Media, LLC.

In 2020, Bass created International Soulful Yoga Day, an annual celebration partnering with yoga instructors of color and providing a day of virtual wellness experience to essential communities, joining groups together during pandemic and PTSD with Yoga, conversations, meditation, and music. Corporate partners included United States Tennis Eastern (USTA), The
Healing Station of New York.

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