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Lisa Yaro: Grammy-Nominated, Nigerian-Born Songstress Takes On New Music & 2021 Projects

Photo courtesy of Lisa Yaro

Grammy-nominated songwriter, singer, producer, actor, and model Lisa Yaro is poised to make 2021 her year with the release of multiple projects, including new music, a feature film, and more original content for her popular YouTube channel.

The Nigerian-born entertainer to discuss all of her new projects, her inspirational success story having already worked with industry titans including Will.I.Am., Mýa, Rawyals, Latoya Luckett (Destiny’s Child), Leah McFall, Claudette Ortiz, Jared Lee Gosselin and many more.  

Having been active in the music industry for over 10 years now, Yaro draws inspiration from artists like Sade and infuses her Nigerian Afro-beats into her modern-day hits. Her most recent music video release “BIKO” which came out in November 2020 shows off Lisa’s seductive crooning and undeniable stage presence. With plans to release new music in the first quarter of the new year, Yaro’s fans can expect her love and passion for her African culture and roots to continue as a through line with her new material.  

Yaro cut her teeth in the music industry by sitting in on sessions and writing for artists and producers. Deciding to do sessions for free, she knew that her hustle and creativity would lead to further opportunities after “paying her dues.” After putting in countless hours grinding and working for free while maintaining other odd jobs to support herself, one of the producers she worked with early on, Young Yonny, introduced her to Mýa and asked her to do a session with the artist. From there Yaro and Mýa became friends and continued working together which lead to Yaro’s Grammy nomination for her work on Mýa’s 2016 album “Smoove Jones” for her writing. This lead to many other opportunities to work with other Grammy award-winning artist and producers including Will.I.Am., and Jared Lee Gosselin, to name a few.  

Yaro is also an accomplished actress who found her love for theatre and bringing characters to life at a young age. Having already been featured in films alongside industry titans like Will Smith, Adam Sandler, Don Cheadle, and Rosario Dawson in such projects as “Reign Over Me,” “Something Like A Business,” “Seven Pounds, and “London Mitchell’s Christmas,” Yaro’s star is sure to rise for 2021. Yaro will also be starring as one of the leads for a soon-to-be-announced star-studded film in early 2021.  

Photo courtesy Lisa Yaro

Yaro also feeds her creative side by releasing constant content on her YouTube channel weekly that has garnered over 120K followers, and 14+ million views. Her channel features a collection of her own original composed content from the perspective of a Nigerian-American immigrant and entertainer. Born and partially raised in Nigeria, Yaro grew up traveling the world and being fascinated by different cultures. At the age of eight years old she and her family moved to the United States. Excelling at sports naturally, after graduating high school, Yaro would go on to university with a full ride volleyball scholarship. During her junior year of college, Yaro began sneaking off to LA for music sessions at studios which lead to her to where she is now — possible stardom.

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