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Commentary: Now Is Not The Time To Be Speechless

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Speechless. Yet, there is so much to say. The Capital of the United States was stormed and attacked by people who have for the past four years proclaimed to be the “real” Americans.

Really? Real Americans do what the British did in 1814, when the enemy forces came against our country’s former leaders and burned the Capitol down to ashes.

But the domestic terrorists who attempted to possibly kidnap the Vice President and members of Congress or worse, have forced the hands of congress to react to this atrocity.

“We have a democracy, if we can keep it!”

–Benjamin Franklin

This summer organizations like the conservative media who used words like “rioter’s,” “violence” and described predominantly peaceful protests by those who were marching for racial equality and against police shootings of Black men in this country. Did any of the BLM protests have pockets of uncontrolled behavior at t times? Yes. But did those protesters ever have the courage to launch an attack, unlawfully entering, destroying property and chanting the names of political representatives saying, “we’re coming for you?”No, they did not.

“When the electorate becomes vigilant and lazy — it is vulnerable to
autocracy by way of the votes of the gullible and manipulated.”

The events of January 4th, 2021, will remain a dark day in the history of our country for many reasons. One reason is because it appears that the extremists released their destructive and unhinged hatred and revealed the only way they operate — in chaos-no compromise — no negotiation.

Extremists have never cared about bringing the right and left together. It was the Nazi’s that led to the destruction of Europe and a complete takeover of Germany by the West and Russia. Extremists like ISIS or Al-Qaeda are terrorists who hide in caves while they attempt to burn the world down. The KKK’s extremist behavior cultivated the death and destruction of decades against Black Americans. Extremists have a prototype, and they operate on the fringe of society and are defined by anger. And they always think they are the heroes of history.

Extremists also brandish the American flag as if it solely belongs to them and their kind as the ultimate patriot. But the extremists that invaded the Capital this week are different and in effect more dangerous than history has seen before. They are bolder, more defiant and fearless because their leader is the president of the United States — and that makes this an insurrection.

They are led like Jim Jones, Kool-Aid drinking followers that deny all truths and listen and see through the lens of their leader — Trump and in the history of this country, for the first time we are living on uncharted waters.

And in our battle to reclaim the dignity of this Nation, action must be taken against those who are ignorant to voting laws, democratic process and the constitution of the United States.

We must not be speechless. We must take heed of the words of Aristotle, the great Greek and Athenian philosopher who warned us about democracy and said, “When the electorate becomes vigilant and lazy — it is vulnerable to autocracy by way of the votes of the gullible and manipulated.”

In the aftermath of this insurrection, let’s not just be appalled, let’s record.

Let us revisit the words of Benjamin Franklin who said, “We have a democracy, if we can keep it!”

Justin A. Williams is the New York Trend Political Editor.

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