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Here Are 32 Black-Owned Products To Celebrate During Black History Month –And Beyond

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

Black-owned companies should be celebrated all year round, and if you’re looking for a few new products here are some ideas.

1. Coisas de Cabo Verde

The Coisas de Cabo Verde collection was created out of a desire to provide high-quality, portable souvenirs. All items are designed or curated by Joli Moniz Design and handmade by local artisans in Cabo Verde and beyond, with love. Cabo Verde is a West African archipelago and island country in the central Atlantic Ocean, consisting of 10 islands. Here are a few Coisas (items) de Cabo Verde

  • Patchwork scarf
Photo Courtesy A Vontade Tours

Made of wax fabric and upcycled denim. Color scheme and fabric may vary. $65

Tote bag

Photo Courtesy A Vontade Tours

Made of wax fabric and upcycled denim. Includes a detachable wristlet and zipper closure. $50


Photo Courtesy A Vontade Tours

Made of original pano d’ terra from Cabo Verde, wax fabric from Senegal or mud cloth from Mali and upcycled denim trim. Each mask has an internal filter for increased coverage and nose grip for a more comfy fit. For every mask sold, $1 will be donated to the Cape Verde For Life program that helps young men in Cabo Verde from low-income households meet their families’ basic needs so they can focus on their education, and guides their families toward self-sufficiency. $15 – $17

2. Books For Kids: The Amazing Zoe

Photo via Amazon Books

‘The Amazing Zoe Defeats The Germie Germlins” addressed the importance of personal hygiene, health and safety regarding covid-19 and beyond. This story is ideal for children as they reintegrate back into the classroom. Book Two, “The Amazing Zoe, A Queen Like Me,” confronted racial stereotypes and biases, while focusing on actionable steps that help eliminate generalizations and discrimination.

Having access to diverse literature is one of the first lines of defense to combating racism, and this topic must be addressed head-on, especially in children’s books. There is a void in children’s Black literature that amplifies an authentic Black voice and because of its underrepresentation, ‘The Amazing Zoe’ was created to help bridge the gap. To date, both books have been widely, well received by parents and children alike, spending time as best sellers on Amazon. Now is a particularly good time as we highlight Black History/Black Heritage month for the month of February, however, the messages are powerful and can extend beyond this month.

3. Hair & Skin Products From Draga Laboratories

Draga Laboratories LLC. is a majority woman owned and Black-owned hair care and skin care manufacturing company in Atlanta. Draga has been manufacturing products for more than 30 years. Draga Laboratories offers contract manufacturing services and private label manufacturing services. Draga also manufactures products for itself under the name of BASiC Hair Care Products.

4. Books For Biz: ‘Black Business Success Model’

Janneh Wright is a NY-based a serial entrepreneur, CEO of PRIMUS Business Solutions, speaker and advocate for Black-owned businesses. Janneh has organized his best advice to Black entrepreneurs in his new book “Black Business Success Model: Countering the Myths of Our Perceived Weaknesses.”

There are more Black entrepreneurs, athletes, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and politicians in the U.S. today than at any other point in history. Janneh explores the history of the entrepreneurial spirit in the Black community—zeroing in on how Blacks have been wronged and how desegregation did not live up to its promise. He urges Black business owners and entrepreneurs to stop depending on governmental action to fix their problems or right the wrongs of the past. Instead, he urges Black business-people to look to themselves and to their own communities. By providing useful tools and examples for the business owner, the model provided in this guide will help you win business, invest in Black communities, and overcome negative perceptions. You can also enhance entrepreneurial skills, boost profitability, and lift up yourself while lending others a hand with the lessons and strategies in Black Business Success Model.

5. Plant-Basd Goodies: Emily’s Foods

This is the first plant-based dessert in the U.S Market. Emily’s Foods curated by Chef Emily Edwards. Emily’s Foods is known for their best-selling product, Paradise Snax, including Paradise Icing, the world’s only organic, sweet conveniently packed protein icings, dips and snacks that are better for you and satisfy both natural, health, taste and indulgence. A favorite of most customers is the Individual Snax Pax – Caramel Sea Salt Vanilla & Gluten Free Pretzels. It retails for $4.25 and can be purchased online. 

Emily created the snacks during her weight loss journey after she became frustrated with the lack of snacks, dips and icings options that were healthy, contained less sugar, more plant protein and convenient for her busy lifestyle. So she started making plant-based icings/dips with pea protein powder to pair with her snacks in her kitchen and quickly realized that people who did not eat healthy icings and dips fell in love with them.

6. Social Cause-Based, CBD Business: 420 Skincare

Photo courtesy 420 Skincare Instagram

African-American entrepreneur Marvina Thomas is making history with her social cause-based business 420 Skincare.

Thomas exemplifies the inspiring #blackgirlmagic movement (celebrating the beauty, power, influence and resilience of Black women). A former nurse, she founded 420 Skincare when she saw how the cannabis plant could help heal people without the use of addictive opioids. The proceeds from 420 Skincare help fund group homes in the Phoenix area that help individuals kick addiction.

7. ABC Great Americans Flashcards

AnnieBea Company presents “ABC Great Americans” flashcards. This collection of 26 Black Americans is a great way to introduce toddlers to historical figures who reflect them. It started as a fun homemade game with the founder’s two-year-old son, whom she quizzed on Great Americans such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Barack Obama, and Harriet Tubman. Then other parents wanted a set of their own flashcards. 

Her sister helped develop the idea and AnnieBea Company was created.  AnnieBea Company helps young people learn the untold history of all people.. The company was established in 2020 with the mission of promoting historical figures from the worlds of science, academia, education, civil rights, the arts, and more.

8. Organic Care For Your Skin: Travertine Spa Collection

Travertine Spa Collection is a 100 percent Black-owned luxury brand of organic skincare products, aromatherapy, and fine fragrance.

Travertine’s Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray is an innovative line of shower aromatherapy that transforms your shower into a quality spa experience. Imagine indulging in the wonderful inhalation benefits of 100 percent pure eucalyptus oil. Simply spray downwards 2-3 times in a warm, steaming shower and experience ultimate relaxation as the steam rises. You can also use the Eucalyptus Steam Shower Spray in your Jacuzzi or to freshen up your yoga mat after your meditative practice.

The Steam Shower Spray is available in a variety of fragrances including Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus + Lavender, Eucalyptus + Citrus, Eucalyptus + Cedar, and the recently launched Eucalyptus + Mint. The Steam Shower Spray ranges from $20-45 and is available on our website as well as Amazon.

9. Java For You: Kahawa 1893 

Photo Courtesy of Kahawa 1893 Instagram

Kahawa 1893 is a Black female-owned coffee company brand based in CaliforniaFounder and a third-generation Kenyan coffee farmer Margaret Nyamumbo, created  Kahawa 1893, a sustainable coffee brand that brings the rich aromatic flavors of Kenya (which produces some of the most abundant coffee on earth!) directly to you. 

Kahawa 1893 coffee beans are grown and harvested in Kenya and roasted fresh in California. Kahawa 1893 is available in 12-ounce whole beans, ground, and convenient, eco-friendly single-serve coffee packs— compostable coffee bags that steep within five minutes and are ideal for travel, camping, and more!

Offered in Kenyan Peaberry, Serengeti Blend, Ethiopian, Safari Blend, 1893 Espresso, and Single-Serve Coffee Packs, Kahawa 1893 also offers monthly subscriptions, so you’ll never run out of java. As a Black female-owned business, Kahawa 1893 supports the hardworking Kenyan female coffee farmers through its online “customer tipping” program, allowing 100 percent of proceeds to go directly to the female coffee producers that Kahawa 1893 works with. Kahawa 1893 matches all tips to double the impact.

10. Koren-Inspired Beauty Products From Black-Owned Firm

Photo courtesy Zenobia Instagram

The Zenobia brand has created products with the 10-step Korean beauty routine in mind. Central to the routine is taking time out to pamper yourself every day. However, we know that we don’t typically dedicate as much time to ourselves daily, so we created a four-product system that encourages people to take just 10 minutes out of their day to relax and care for their skin and overall wellness. Our products target acne, hyperpigmentation, and eczema (skin issues common in communities of color), but can work on all skin types. They work best as a system, but can be used separately as well.

11. It’s In The Sauce: Old Arthur’s

Photo courtesy Old Arthur’s website

The best family recipes are infused with history. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a richer history than that of Old Arthur’s barbecue sauces and rubs.

The heirloom recipes—passed down through five generations of the Watts family—have only recently been made commercially available.

Arthur Watts (dubbed “Old Arthur” because he lived to 108) was born into slavery on a Missouri production farm in 1837. From childhood, his role was to prepare the owner’s family meals over an open pit. The sauces and seasonings he crafted during that time would serve him well following the Emancipation in 1863. He went on to earn his living as a highly-regarded pit master, catering social functions for cities and churches throughout central Illinois.     

While Arthur never learned to read or write, his eldest son Eudell—the first of five generations to bear the name—wrote the recipes down, and descendants kept making them on special occasions. When friends kept requesting the sauce (one going so far as to make it his annual holiday gift to clients), the family decided it was time to go into business.   

12. Selfcare That’s Fun & Fabulous: Chanellie

Chanellie is a Black-, female-owned and operated eco-friendly, handmade, natural bath, body, beauty and DIY Selfcare brand dedicated to making selfcare more fun, frilly, and fabulous.

13. NETT Exfoliator: A Ghanaian Beauty Secret

Photo courtesy NETT Exfoliator Instagram

Yvonne Aboagye-Hobson is the founder of the NETT Exfoliator launched in December 2019. Ghanian Aboagye-Hobson was born in Norway andgrew up in Australia. She is currently living in the UK.

The NETT exfoliator is a Ghanaian beauty secret. A unique exfoliation sheet that has been an essential part of bathing culture for decades, it is the future of exfoliation. The unique fine net texture is perfect for maintaining smooth, beautifully soft skin and the length and shape is great for getting to those hard-to-reach places.

Ethically sourced from Ghana, paying a fair price to support these local market stall holders, it is the highest quality. Furthermore, the NETT exfoliator dries quickly after a shower avoiding any mould or mildew and can be thrown into the washing machine to refresh, making it very hygienic. The life span of the NETT is a minimum of 12-24 months.

14. Kid To Kid: I Love Myself

Photo courtesy

At just six years old, Ka’Maya Shanelle has become the author of her own coloring and tracing book series entitled “I Love Myself” to help children love themselves and love others.

Ka’Maya told her mother she wanted to give back to the community by donating her books to preschools. Her mother, Shana Davis-Parker, launched a GoFundMe to raise money to give 300 books to preschools without Title One Funding. They have already chosen two preschools in Camden and Philadelphia. Her mother says, “This is one such effort by a young African-American six-year-old girl to pursue her dream of seeing all children represented in literature and assignments for the entire world to see.”

15. Distinctive Jewelry

Photo courtesy White/Space website

White/Space, a Los Angeles-based jewelry brand founded by Khadijah Fulton.

A graduate of Parsons School of Design, founder Khadijah Fulton spent a decade designing for some of the most recognizable names in fashion. After becoming a mother, Khadijah found that she wanted to create items that honored a confident, subtle interpretation of style — approachable yet distinct, with versatility and longevity at the fore. She hopes that this considered approach will return an inherent sense of value to the wearer and give them pieces that can be worn and loved for years to come.

Khadijah designs and perfects each new style in her studio outside of Los Angeles and works with small manufacturers and individual artisans in downtown LA to produce the collection. Khadijah also works as a creative consultant, most recently designing the engagement/wedding collection for pioneering sustainable fine jewelry brand, Vrai. 

White/Space is grounded in a belief that magnificence lies in elegance, not ostentation. Pursuing sophistication in the unexpected, the collection is thoughtfully crafted  with aesthetic influences hailing from mid-century architecture and ancient goldsmithing to minimalist art and sculpture. White/Space explores the marriage of daring dichotomies—earthy and modern, streamlined and textured, restrained and sexy, delicate and strong.

16. Mayvenn: All-Inclusive Virtual Hair Salon

Mayvenn is the first all-inclusive virtual hair salon offering end-to-end service for buying hair products and booking local salon services. Founded by Oakland native and Hampton University alum Diishan Imira in 2013, Mayvenn has become the largest and only Black-owned, venture-backed tech company and empowerment network that strengthens and rewards Black entrepreneurship in the hair and beauty industry.

With 90 percent of Mayvenn’s network consisting of Black women beauty professionals and customers, Mayvenn’s mission is to help grow Black businesses while providing quality, affordable hair care and styling for a fraction of the normal cost.

17. Hey Curly Girls, Meet The PuffCuff

Photo courtesy The PuffCuff website

The PuffCuff, created by Ceata Lash, was developed from a simple idea: Create a tool that not only makes it easy to achieve stylish looks without stressing your hair or causing pain but one that is sanitary, durable and affordable too.

Let’s face it, most accessories are for straight hair. And, unlike curly hair, straight hair only comes in one type: straight. After years of searching for an accessory to accommodate thick, textured hair, Lash created the PuffCuff. It works with a variety of hair types from 2C to 4C, whether curly, textured or wavy. Our PuffCuff allows you to create many beautiful hairstyles without causing headaches by cinching, pulling, ripping or tearing your hair out.

Lash is the first African-American woman to hold three U.S. patents (with a fourth pending) for a natural hair accessory.

18. Drink Up: Virtual Wine Events

Photo via Virtual With Us website

Entrepreneur Alexandra Schrecengost launched the virtual event wine business Virtual With Us which offers high-quality, highly-curated remote events for Fortune 500 companies and special occasions.

19. Get Your Search On: GOTCONN

LyNea “LB” Bell announced the launch of “GOTCONN,” a new search engine. She is the first female, African American to independently create/launch her own search engine.

Bell had become annoyed and even felt violated after surfing/researching the Internet and all of the sudden she’s being tailgated by unwanted advertisers and strange pop-ups following her every move. She realized that nothing about us was private anymore.

Bell came up with a faster, more streamline, private alternative to the search engine giants — GOTCONN.

20. Look Great, Give Back

Photo via Made ByKwest website

Just last year, mid-Pandemic, Kira West, activist, designer, and travel and wellness content creator launched Made ByKwest, an impact-driven business designing jewelry and accessories inspired by world travel and made for an active lifestyle. Each piece is crafted to be lived in and created with movement in mind, and each collection gives back to a different nonprofit organization. Prices range from $89 to $169 and are available online.

21. Vegan Hair Care Brand: Nylah’s Natural

Nylah’s Natural, a young vegan hair care brand that has introduced a peculiar science-based approach to textured hair products into its new natural hair care line. Founded to redefine the hair care standard for Afro-textured hair, Nylah’s Naturals is setting new standards in the industry, pushing the limits of clean and sustainable products.

22. Lit it Up! Black-Owned Candle Company

Alice. A. Candle Co. is a Black-owned candle company. Its “Cocoa Honey Gold” candle is dedicated to strong Black women, and emphasizes the mission of the brand to inspire and empower women.

23. Clothes For The Kiddies

Photo via Mila Christina website

A Black woman-owned, New York-based kids clothing brand called Mila Christina offers ethically-made cashmere clothes. Ollia Njibaloh, the brand’s founder, uses multicultural prints to inspire parent-child discussions on the value of cultural diversity. Njibaloh used her African and Russian roots to create her first two collections, which are currently available on the website.

24. Clean Vitamins

Joyspring was founded by Black entrepreneurs, wife and husband Tara and Jason Pratt. The mission behind Joyspring is to bring healthy and natural alternatives to the sugar and chemicals that are in so many vitamins and supplements today.

When their daughter was diagnosed with mild Autism, the Pratts struggled to find a natural solution to help her focus. So they started Joyspring.

They were sold out in their first month and have since become a bestseller on Amazon.

25. Mirror Image: Just Like Me Books

Just Like Me Books provides high-quality professional development opportunities for teachers principals and community leaders. Each workshop has practical applications that can be used to support any existing curriculum and improve academic achievement.

The company’s current project, Meanwhile in Africa (MIA), is a supplemental Social Studies curriculum for students in grades K-5. Built on the idea that African-American history does not begin with slavery, MIA teaches students about the discoveries, inventions, and achievements that were cultivated in Africa before, during, and after the transatlantic slave trade that brought most Africans to the United States and how that knowledge and culture impact us today. Designed specifically to give African-American students a greater sense of self and affirm their identities, MIA’s interactive and engaging activities, coupled with its emphasis on entrepreneurship make it an important tool with which to present a more well-rounded, representative, and factual view of history for any student group.

26. Body Complete Rx

Photo courtesy of Body Complete Rx

Body Complete Rx (BCRX) is a wellness and lifestyle brand with a holistic approach to healthy living that offers a complete range of plant-based, vegan nutritional supplements, products and apparel. The Black, female-owned company was founded by Samia Gore in 2017 after the busy mom of four found it difficult to maintain her weight and self-care journey. Gore’s venture has proven to be successful; in just three years, the self-funded brand created by women for women has garnered thousands of healthier and happier customers, including celebrities LeToya Luckett and Kenya Moore. Products range from all-natural, vegan protein powders and multivitamins, to calming relaxation capsules and energy drops

27. The Honey Pot Company

Photo: Courtesy The Honey Pot Company

The Honey Pot Company is the first full plant-derived, all-natural feminine care system in the market founded by Black female entrepreneur, Beatrice Dixon. Founded on the belief that all products should be free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens and sulfates, The Honey Pot Company offers an extensive range of organic and natural feminine care products for humans with vaginas. The Honey Pot Company’s mission is to educate, support, and provide people around the world with the tools and resources that promote menstrual health and wellness. The Honey Pot Company’s products can be found across the nation in select stores at national retailers including Target, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Whole Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond, Urban Outfitters, and Wegmans locations, as well as online and select retailers.

Products range from natural menstrual products such as tampons, pads and cups, to panty sprays, vulva creams and much more. The brand also has a Mommy-To-Be collection consisting of wipes, a hygiene wash, postpartum herbal pads, among others.

28. Alaffia: Green, Clean, Fair-Trade Beauty

Alaffia was born from a deep sense of responsibility and genuine love for humankind. Officially founded by Olowo-n’djo Tchala in 2003, Alaffia is a green, clean and fair-trade beauty company that is redefining the natural products industry through its values of beauty, equality and empowerment.

Women in West Africa handcraft indigenous, fair trade ingredients, such as unrefined shea butter and African black soap. These products are then crafted using traditional African recipes and methods at their U.S.. headquarters in Olympia, Washington. Proceeds from the sale of their beauty and grooming products are returned to communities in Togo, Africa, to fund community empowerment and gender equality programs, including maternal health care, education, regenerative agriculture and reforestation. Products range from bubble baths, body washes, hand soaps, body lotions, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, shave creams, and more. 

29. Black-Owned Dental Boutique And Spa

Dr. April Patterson, aka Dr. Patty, is a Black cosmetic dentist who owns Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique and Spa in South Florida. As a rare Black woman-owned business in the dental world, Patterson’s journey forced her to create a business model unlike any other. She created a dental boutique and spa, an experience that customers can look forward to instead of dreading.

30. LipRevolt: A Lipstick Revolution

Photo Courtesy LipRevolt Instagram

LipRevolt is a Black woman-owned cosmetic brand that caters to individuals who identify as women or gender nonconforming, especially women of color, willing to fight for what they believe in and are not afraid to speak up for others. LipRevolt is a cosmetic brand that promotes social activism and is passionate about improving the lives of all marginalized people.

LipRevolt donates 10 percent of sales to organizations that support civil rights, women’s rights, and the LGBTQ community. You can’t go wrong with any of the lipsticks, which retail for $24, from “The Resistance Collection” plus you get to make a difference!

31. HBCUs 101

Claudia Walker is the author and publisher of a new children’s book called “The ABCs of HBCUs.” The book takes readers on a front row, all-inclusive tour of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs). From FAMU to Howard, the Divine Nine to Battle of the Bands, children learn about the love, lifestyles, and legacies that built these incredible institutions.

32. Pink Moss Beauty Supplement

Pink Moss is a vegan collagen that provides the minerals your body needs to create a glamorous gut, encourage hair and nail growth, and more. Founder Amanda Yvette is a BIPOC entrepreneur that started her business during the pandemic. The success of the formula has led to nationwide fan base in a short period of time.

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