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Naya Traveler Launches Romance Inspired Bubble Travel Journeys

Belize, via Naya Traveler website

Naya Traveler has launched their “Best of Bubble Travel” destinations for those who are inspired to bring the romance back at any time of the year.

Curated by the founders of Naya Traveler, they have scoured the world in search of the best places to take your bubble safely on the road. Designed for multigenerational families, groups of friends or couples, these trips are guaranteed to bring back the joys of travel, while taking into account every necessary and extraordinary safety measure.   

  • Safe to travel destinations
  • Covid testing arrangements
  • Properties with private accommodation facilities and open-air amenities
  • Extra measures of hygiene and safety
  • Tailored travel itineraries based on group configuration

Turks and Caicos: A Luxury Lover’s Paradise. An experience of ultimate Caribbean serenity. The low-lying Turks and Caicos Islands are an archipelago of more than 40 coral islands forming the south-eastern end of the Bahamas chain. These islands are a charming and unspoilt destination with national parks, beautiful white sand beaches, nature reserves, sanctuaries and British colonial history. Highlights includes: Snorkeling and diving; aquatic activities such as paddle boarding, kayaking, sailing; horseback riding; nature walks and hikes; fishing excursions; spa and wellness rituals; and yoga classes.

The Government has launched TCI Assured, an online portal where international travelers to the Turks and Caicos are required to provide the following prior to travel: A negative covid-19 PCR test result, taken within five days prior to travel in the islands; insurance that covers covid-19 medical costs and full hospitalization, doctors’ visits, prescriptions and air ambulance; and a completed online health screening questionnaire.

Travelers can stay at Amanyara basks in unprecedented seclusion on the shores of an 18,000-acre nature preserve. Overlooking a pristine one-kilometer white sand beach and the turquoise waters of North West Point Marine National Park.  

The Villas offer privacy and space in natural surroundings. Generously proportioned living areas and three to six bedrooms are set around a black infinity pool and hardwood deck. Overlooking reflective ponds and gardens, several feature ocean views while others offer direct beach access.

All are serviced by personal cooks and housekeepers.  

Naya Traveler organizes private, tailor-made trips to Turks & Caicos starting at $800 per person per day, not including international airfare.

Chile: Under the Desert Sky. A place where stargazing, adventure and unspoiled natural beauty reign supreme Atacama Desert boasts an incredible landscape of rugged, rocky mountains and ravines that are interspersed by a striking white salt pan and surrounded by towering volcanoes.

As the world’s driest desert, the immense Atacama lives up to its title, with some areas registering not even a single raindrop in over 150 years. Sitting at an altitude of 3500m, the dramatic and desolate Atacama Desert boasts clear, unpolluted skies that allow for the most incredible, unforgettable stargazing.  

STAY: Awasi Atacama, located in the ancient trading town of San Pedro de Atacama. Awasi Atacama has just 12 rooms. Each room is assigned with a private guide and 4WD so you can explore at your own pace, visiting where you want, when you want. With private patios, tall trees providing natural shade and open-air communal areas so you can enjoy the world’s clearest skies, Awasi is the perfect place to enjoy the very best of the Atacama.

U.S. citizens are allowed to travel to Chile as long as they present three documents upon boarding: a completed electronic covid form filled out no more than 48 hours prior to boarding; proof of a negative covid-19 PCR test taken within 72 hours of departure; and proof of a health insurance policy that covers any and all covid-19-related health issues during the traveler’s stay in Chile.

Naya Traveler organizes private, tailor-made trips to Chile starting at $700 per person per day. Rates do not include international airfare.

Belize: A Castaway Romance. Robinson Crusoe would be challenged to find a more exquisite retreat. Straddling the line between the verdant Central American jungles and the white-washed sands of the Caribbean, Belize is one of those inconspicuous destinations that holds surprises at the turn of every corner.   

You’ll often hear locals say with pride “You have to see it to Belize it!” And while this might sound like an endearing cliche at first, it’s not an empty one at that. As a young country with a population of merely 300,000 people, it can be hard to believe the enormous cultural diversity that thrives across this pint-sized nation. A mixture of ancient Mayan heritage, colonial Kriol culture, and aboriginal Garifuna customs come together to forge Belize’s unique cultural landscape, one that’s filled with enticing flavors, lively sounds and a relaxed, easy-going attitude that permeates throughout.

Highlights include snorkeling and diving; picnic at sea; spa and wellness treatments; al-fresco cinema; fishing excursions; Creole cooking class; horseback riding; and flight over the famous Blue Hole.

Stay: Coral Cave Private Island. Sheltered behind the world-famous Belize Barrier Reef, Coral Caye is a completely private island that can be yours alone for a romantic, restorative or adventurous getaway.   

Your dwelling will be a comfortable, rustic cottage that suits the untouched nature of your surroundings. A true sanctuary that is eco-conscious in every way and allows the soothing sounds of the Caribbean sea to lull you to sleep or beckon you to spend your afternoon snorkeling directly from the island.   

The coastal decor consists of airy fabrics, open space, seaside-inspired colors, beachy accents, sturdy woods to withstand sandy feet and salty air, and tones to reflect the sea and sky. Two dwellings and a great house are the only buildings on the island and can accommodate from two to ten guests.  

Belize has achieved the Safe Travels Stamp, granted by the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). The Safe Travels Stamp, the first global safety and hygiene stamp, was awarded to Belize in late December 2020 in recognition of the country’s enhanced health and safety protocols.  

All travelers must: Download the Belize Health App and input the required information no more than 72 hours prior to landing in Belize; bring a negative Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival in Belize, OR Rapid Antigen, Sophia, SD Bisensor, ABBOT (Panbio) test results taken no more than 48 hours of arrival in Belize.

Naya Traveler organizes private, tailor-made trips to Belize starting at $700 per person per day. Rates do not include international airfare.

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