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Cozy Scented Candles To Try At Home

Coconut & Candles: An Exotic Mix

Backyard Candles Coconut Candles makes beautiful coconut candles that naturally fit in with any home decor or backyard space. Enjoy the brand and know that each item is handmade with up-cycled coconut shells that otherwise would have been tossed away, polluting the environment. The unique aromas invigorate a room while creating a serene environment for relaxation and comfort. Boost your self-care regime with a dreamy bath and coconut candles that float! Price: $10.00 – $25.00

Ellerbee Elegance scented candles

Ellerbee Elegance Offers A Signature Atmosphere

Renowned in his field for over 46 years, publicist-to-the-stars Angelo Ellerbee, founder of Double XXposure Public Relations, is currently setting his cap on winning over new audiences in the home décor arena along with publishing. Offering a unique styling and scent, the Ellerbee Elegance candles are set to appeal to those who prize a signature atmosphere to their home/office décor. Designed as an aromatherapy stress reliever, the chic candles will be bundled with the book on Amazon, as well as individually sold.

The candle line is intended to add the perfect ambiance when curling up with Ellerbee’s latest collection of witty and wise inspirational steps to achieving goals, “The Sense of Success.” The new book helps readers charge past obstacles with the encouragement to “breathe in the aroma of success” as an exercise in willpower. The PR guru returns with another honest, motivational collection of mentoring support. Each page offers sage guidance from someone who has been there and lived through enough ups and down to deliver true tricks of the game.

Joel Nolan Candles Spice Up Your Space

Light up your space with a great smelling candle to set the mood for a productive day. Joel Nolan crafts luxury candles in three different scent profiles: Maverick (lime, lychee, rose, and lilac), Chatsworth (bergamot and sandalwood), and 191 Sutter (orange, petitgrain, neroli), Whether you’re looking for something warm and cozy or clean and fresh, Joel Nolan delivers.  Price: $59.00

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