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NBA All-Star Turned Tech Entrepreneur Baron Davis On The Future Of Innovation

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Two-time NBA all-star, startup investor, and producer Baron Davis was one of a number of notables who participated in the annual Collision conference which was conducted over a three-day period virtually this year. Many of the who’s who in media, business, beauty, and more gathered to discuss trends in their various arenas. However, Davis is one who talk spanned across several arenas and is also indicative of a new type of cultural leader as we move into post-pandemic recovery.

The former professional athlete spoke from the position of founder and head of Baron Davis Enterprises through which he not only acts as an investor but also creator of content and digital platforms. Davis has experienced a solid amount of success via such vehicles as being one of the first to invest in Vitaminwater as well as Triller, Thrive, and Complex. His producing credits include the Hulu Originals series “WTF, Baron Davis,” and he also serves as the founder of Be Inside The Game (B.I.G.), a series of highly-curated summits, panels, and immersive experiences that explore how to create social impact in social enterprise and provide solutions for business problems in sports, media, technology, and culture.

However, it is his experience as a point guard in his professional basketball career that Davis feels has prepared him most for his current success. During his stage interview at Collision Davis explained that point guards must be incredibly detailed in knowing everyone’s position in order to win. This position is about leading and controlling flow, almost as if an extension of the coach himself. Being a good listener is paramount. “You have to know what all the players are doing and know how to assist and more,” explained Davis, “and so it’s because of years of training like this, I’m able to collaborate better with investors and entrepreneurs, analyze their tendencies, and connect the dots to get to the goal successfully.”

Indeed, much of this ability to think as a leader seems innate. He noted at 21 he decided to become his own agent, and enjoyed making all of his own decisions for his career. “Doing things like this may not have gotten be big marketing deals, but it did allow me to take advantage of other opportunities like investing in Vitaminwater that I may not have been able to do if I had someone making all my decisions for me. I love repping myself.”

The passion and love for is days as an athlete and the high-regard for sports today is strongly evident as Davis spoke. “Sports is very inclusive, Davis said. “If you can play, then that’s all that matters. It’s very unifying, and I want to extend that further out into the world.” He believes that there is a deep, intrinsic value in athletes and sees sports as the epicenter of culture
because music, technology, brands, marketing all play a huge part in sync with the other.” Thus, his goal is to enable those with ideas from these various arenas that can drive culture further through new ways of storytelling.

“My mission is to be a shepherd for that next generation. I intend to invest, offer encouragement, support, and lift people up,” Davis continued.

“My mission is to be a shepherd for that next generation. I intend to invest, offer encouragement, support, and lift people up,” Davis continued. “The beauty of this work through my company is that we are building a community, ecosystem and club of likeminded individuals that want to also invest, amplify, and shepherd. We believe its our responsibility to take care of own. We don’t sit back and wait. We link up and collaborate.”

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