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Black-Owned Business: “Damn It! I Don’t Want To! The No Bullsh-t Organizational Planner You Need” Is The Planner To Close Out 2021 The Right Way!

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Heslop

The past six months have been a doozy, quarantine, vaccinations, reopening, and trying to figure out what is next. There is no time like the present to hit the reset open and plan!

Journaling has countless benefits — from bringing more mindfulness to your life to boosting your creative inspiration. Plus, putting pen to paper is a surefire way to release your emotions. 

“The idea for the book came to me, several years ago, after staring at another pile of unopened bills and walking away from them unbothered. I’m a ‘grown’ woman and understood that not opening a bill wouldn’t make it magically disappear! I could say that maybe, at that moment, it was because I didn’t have the money to pay the bills anyway but it was more than that. I had never looked at why I was avoiding my bills, which meant I also hadn’t acknowledged the negative repercussions of my inaction,” says Jennifer Heslop, creator of the “Damn It! I Don’t Want To! The No Bullsh-t Organizational Planner You Need” planner.

“Damn It! I Don’t Want To! The No Bullsh-t Organizational Planner You Need” is a 30 day motivational, inspirational, good hard look at yourself.

Since 2010, Heslop has been helping leaders strengthen their businesses by finding creative solutions to organizational problems.

As a coach, Heslop holds space for leaders, creating a safe and encouraging environment where they gain confidence, overcome emotional uncertainties and master business and personal challenges to become more decisive and strategic decision makers.

Her clients have experienced improvements in their personal and business communication, leadership skills, time management, goal planning and goal attainment and have become more motivated, organized and assertive leaders.

Heslop believes that intermittent personal and business inventory is the foundation for growth, innovation and success. 

Currently, Heslop is developing a series of organizational planners designed to highlight areas of emotional uncertainty while motivating you to “push through” to accomplish your goals. The first planner of the series is currently available on titled- “Damn It! I Don’t Want To! The No Bullsh-t Organizational Planner You Need.”

Heslop also is a die hard New Yorker living in Miami, Florida, with her hubby and 7-year-old daughter.

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