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Caressa Brow Artistry Leaves An Overarching Impression On Women Of Color And Beyond

Photo courtesy of Caressa Brow Artistry

Caressa Brow Artistry is “The Queen of Eyebrows for Women Of Color.” This self-taught queen has evolved into a licensed aesthetician and has mastered the skill of shaping natural eyebrows.

She started her reign in this industry five and a half years ago, there was absolutely no representation for Black women in the eyebrow industry. Stating “There was literally nobody doing eyebrows the way that I do now.” Since then she set her intentions on setting a black beauty standard in the industry.

She adds no products but gives everything. “The thing that women love about my work and what makes me stand out is the fact that I do natural brows. I don’t add makeup, no pencil or powder to fill them in. I don’t use tint whatsoever and I don’t microblade,” states Caressa

Her brand is known for its high demand and high arches. Such quality precision gives the impression of threading but it’s actually good old waxing and tweezing. This wax expert has extended Brazilian waxing to her services because she understands that brows and Brazilians are the two single most important things that make a woman look and feel her very best!

Now Caressa’s reach is even bigger since she’s had a lot of conviction behind her work, “Working hard and building my business/brand is what has allowed me to break generational poverty for myself.” “All in all, I want everybody to know who I am and for them to see my work. These eyebrows have an effect on women because they are unlike anything else they’ve seen! So I feel everyone deserves to see that.”

Keep your eyes on this growing beauty empire by visiting Caressa Brow Artistry in Tucker, Georgia.

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