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Celebrity Black Muslim Designer’s Modest Fashion Movement

Photo courtesy of Elle B. Mambetov

Elle B. Mambetov is the trendsetting fashion designer behind Elle B. Zhou, activist, proud Black Muslim woman, and renowned international buyer for her famed L.A. flagship store and worldwide as a FARFETCH Partner.

Mambetov’s cross-cultural appeal and trendsetting eye are poised to change modest fashion’s perception into something truly unique, sophisticated, and inspiring.

After establishing her new store featuring famed luxury brands and making a name by designing custom pieces for celebrities and musicians, Mambetov is expanding her L.A store into a full-fledged department store. Her mission as a buyer is to merge the East and the West and create spaces for someone like herself, a practicing Muslim who still enjoys fashion.

Adhering to her Muslim faith and in line with her ethos of filling gaps in the marketplace for the stylish, modern Muslim women, Mambetov is gearing up to launch with FARFETCH during Ramadan, a modest swimwear line that she designed after tirelessly trying and failing to find a swimsuit that she could rock at the beach. She is also an in-demand speaker who spoke about diversity and inclusion at the famed Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Fashion Futures event and with The Wrap here in Los Angeles about her brand launching journey.

Mambetov only recently rebuilt her life, opened her store, and launched a fashion brand after being released from a UK prison where she served two years before the U.S. government intervened to free her and return her home to America. Her journey shows how a successful Black Muslim woman can go from the catwalk to the confines of prison and what she did when she discovered she was a victim of fraud at the hands of her own friend.

A London Fashion Week designer at the age of 26 where she featured one-of-a-kind color-infused designs for modern women, Mambetov is known for her modest womenswear fashion label Elle B. Zhou. She is also an industry pioneer, having launched a groundbreaking online virtual presentation when her runway shows were canceled at the height of the pandemic. Elle will make for an unforgettable interview because, as a hot young designer and buyer, she has taken the fashion world by storm with her bold luxury fashion collection and story of hope, perseverance, and redemption. 

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