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Travel Tech Gadgets For 2022

Travel in 2022 is beginning to come back with caution-everyone is ready! Below are a few products that will make business, family, recreation, honeymoon, long or short travel easier for anyone at any age!

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LumiCharge LD: They thought of everything when they developed LumiCharge-LD! This all-in-one lamp, charger and Bluetooth speaker is compact and perfect for traveling! This sleek, contemporary and petite unit is efficient and engineered to save space or to stow away when traveling. The lamp has a cradle for fast wireless charging, and a USB plug in the back to charge two phones at once! Pair it with Google or any voice assistant and talk directly to it! Take a call or listen to music with the built-in Bluetooth speaker. Keep the ambiance on point wherever you are with the LD’s multiple color and brightness options. It also includes a micro-SD card slot and 3.5 mm audio input. AVAILABLE: and Amazon.

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Buddy Beat Light is the best product to have around when traveling-around your neck that is! This wonderfully engineered wearable lights-up the space in front and back with its powerful LED lights. The magnet closure keeps it securely closed around your neck for any activity. Light weight and perfect for traveling. Whether you are sitting on the plane, doing outside activities or sightseeing at night, BBL will light the way! The unit has a built-in bluetooth speaker allowing you to listen to music, podcasts or even receive calls when paired with a smartphone. Buddy Beat Lights are a perfect travel companion for all ages.

Photo provided by Orca Communications

Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow: Say Goodbye to Sore Neck and Upper Back Muscles! We all know someone who is always on their phone-maybe it’s you? The average American spends 5.4 hours on their mobile devices-that’s alot! Both young and old are suffering from neck and back problems due to poor posture on devices. The designers at Spice of Life came up with the perfect solution Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow. This product provides comfortable custom support, so the user can be hands-free while using their mobile device to stream, FaceTime/Zoom, text, email, read, listen to music and also great for kids of all ages for studying or gaming! The 56” long pillow design is filled with micro-beads and can twist and bend into a customized form for neck, shoulders and head support. Secure the pillow around the waist for lumbar support. Pillow Talk Mobile Pillow is popular with young children, teens, college students and adults. AVAILABLE:

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