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Welcome To The World Of Panda Pancakes

Photo from Instagram @pancakesofpanda

Remember those weekend mornings gathered in the kitchen, whipping up a big family breakfast with sweets galore? Panda Pancakes sure does. And it turns out, so do people in nearly every country and region around the world. 

Panda Pancakes sources pancake and breakfast pastry cuisines from around the world and seeks to bring them to cities across the country. Example items include poffertjes from The Netherlands, dorayaki from Japan, serabis from Indonesia, blinis from Russia, and of course, the classic American flapjack. No matter where the product originates from, Panda Pancakes seeks to spread love and joy by bringing sweet breakfast foods to the masses. 

Photo from Instagram @pancakesofpanda

By virtue of the way these breakfast foods are made, the Panda Pancakes company is perfectly designed to fit in stalls, malls, and trucks, and the business is very mobile friendly. Seeking to expand in the South Florida area in the upcoming year of 2022, Panda Pancakes is beginning to acquire funding and spread their love of breakfast foods far and wide. 

For the folks at Panda Pancake, spreading love through pancakes includes giving back to the community. They’re planning on offering a “Pandamonium” pancake item from which a portion of proceeds going back to the World Wildlife Foundation. The effort will support nature preserve protection, community development efforts, scientific research, and protection against illegal hunting. 

Panda Pancake is an innovative breakfast food restaurant, purveying delectable cuisines from around the world, and doing so with a purpose. Keep your eyes peeled for a new Panda Pancake stall near you! 

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