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Mili Mila Returns To Cabo Verde To Promote New Kriolu Resources

Image provided by Mili Mila

Team Mili Mila has returned to Cabo Verde to celebrate International Mother Language Day. Since the release of the first of its kind, Capeverdean Kriolu to English Dictionary, Mili Mila was able to share this unprecedented work with several launches here in Praia, Fogo and Sal, Cabo Verde.

Part of Team Mili Mila, consisting of Professor Manuel Da Luz Goncalves, his daughter, the creative director and designer Liza Goncalves and his niece, copy writer/instructor and poet Djofa Tavares have returned to their homeland recently to discuss and promote the various exciting upcoming projects.

Mili Mila’s first edition of Kriolu Collectibles Flashcards begin with ALUPEC, the alphabet used in Cabo Verde for writing Kriolu. Each word chosen gives examples of the pronunciation of each letter, with Kriolu on one side and its English translation on the other, with beautiful, decorative art to illustrate each word by artist Isaiah Gonsalves.

There is also a language learning app “Speak Kriolu” that works on iPhone, Android and iPad, which features lessons, exercises, vocabulary and everyday phrases, with recorded pronunciations. Beautifully designed and user-friendly, the app takes you through individual words to simple dialogues, supporting worldwide acquisition of Kriolu.

The first of many children’s books will be published this year (2022). Written by the company’s copy editor, Djofa Tavares, Tiagu and Vovo is a fictional children’s picture book. With translation in Kriolu by Manuel Da Luz Goncalves and illustrations by Isaiah Gonsalves.

The second edition Capeverdean Dictionary (December, 2022), will be in English to Kriolu. An extensive collection of words helping readers to grasp the Kriolu language, including new photography of authentic Capeverdean artifacts and landscape, and foreword written by current President of Cabo Verde, José Maria Neves.

The resources that have been created and will continue to be created, will have a greater reach and will be able to serve as an anchor for learning and understanding the culture and language of Cabo Verde.

Mili Mila provides resources, tools, classes, conversations, and other opportunities to learn about Cabo Verde’s culture and language. They have been working to ensure that the use of the Kriolu language, both written and spoken, does not fade. They believe that by creating resources like dictionaries, books, flashcards, and language classes, they allow the language to be accessed worldwide, strengthening the use and understanding of Kriolu.

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