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Florida Scientist Develops New Anti-Odor Protective Spray

Photo provided by SWIFF

Think about how difficult it is to wash out stains from wine, coffee, or chocolate. SWIFF uses this same chemistry (Polyphenols) to stick silver ions to fabrics that mask & eliminate odor from your gear.

Invented by American scientist, Dr. JJ Richardson, and designed by his Australian wife, Susanna Chan Richardson, SWIFF is the first odor-protection spray that can be applied to clothing, fabrics, and other items at home.  “It’s ideal for people who wear multiple layers like medical personnel & businessmen, or for those who wear hot, protective gear like firefighters and athletes,” says Dr. JJ Richardson. “Everyday people can see a real benefit, too, and I use it for my young son’s masks and toys,” says Susanna Richardson.

Keep this compact spray bottle ready in your car, gym bag, carry-on, or office desk and go stink free when needed–$29.99.

To learn more visit Available on ShareASale & Amazon.

Dr. Richardson is a widely published nanomaterials expert; his specialty is biotechnology applications. He has more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, is in the top 2% of scientists globally, and is the recipient of multiple awards and fellowships. Susanna Chan Richardson specializes in outreach and branding, is a caring mother, and has years of experience in the fashion sector.

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