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From Romance To War, Collection of Stories Touches The Heart And Inspires Human Connection

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Known for his mystery and suspense novels, author and photographer Gary E. Smith pivots his creative vision to crafting a compilation of short stories that share universal truths about the human experience in his latest book, A Collection of Short Stories & Poems.  

Smith employs a breezy, conversational voice as he covers topics that most folks can connect with. A Collection of Short Stories & Poemsincludes stories of profound loss. Stories of great friendships. Stories of growing old with a dog, of going to war, and of course, stories of deep, romantic love.   “I hope the stories encourage the reader to do some introspection on what it means to be human,” Smith said. “I believe the poems, like all art, will mean more to some than to others.”   The Independent Press Awards recently recognized A Collection of ShortStories & Poems as a Distinguished Favorite in the Short Stories category.  

Author Gary E. Smith’s first romance thriller, The Willing, debuted with a 4.8 stars average rating by independent reviewers who asked for a sequel. He has since written five more novels, including Vengeance Can Be Deadly and Undomesticated: She Had No Remorse.   Smith balances life between business and a love of arts. He founded a small electrical contracting business and grew it into a multimillion-dollar national business. He is also an award-winning fine art photographer. Operating within both business and artistic communities introduces him to a wide array of characters and experiences, from which he draws for his writing. When he is not writing, he travels. Most often, he can be spotted in Italy, searching for more characters and experiences for his stories to come.

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