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Healthy Summer Hair Care From Home

Did you know that the sun can have the same effect on your hair as bleach? Here’s a list of products below that will ensure your precious strands stay hydrated and protected. And the best part is, you can do it all from the comfort of your home or on the road while saving a couple bucks at the salon.


Henna Sooq Price: Varies Available on ShareASale (Merchant ID: 126090) and on Skimlinks.

Made with DIY raw natural ingredients! Henna Sooq is making a difference with its must-have product line filled with Ayurvedic-based herbs for women looking for a boost in hair color and nourishment. Those coming from diverse ethnic backgrounds revel in what this brand is all about – pure, vegan, and affordable options in the natural hair care industry. Derived from 100% natural henna plant products (PURE VEGAN INGREDIENTS!), the brand has fostered a dynamic, diverse community of women who have stopped going to salons for chemical treatments that damage their hair. Instead, they turn to Henna Sooq products to color and strengthen hair, creating longer, healthier strands. Henna is the perfect 100 percent natural hair alternative to formulate your own type of herbal hair care. Mixing up their products is simple and easy with the end-result being a product your hair and you will thoroughly enjoy.  


A R Z É– S C A L P  S E R U M Price: $29.00 Nourish hair from root to tip.

A R Z É is the all-natural vegan skincare brand founded by Michelle Gilmore. Her journey into finding organic and non-toxic products began back in 2009 when there were a lot fewer options than today. A pregnancy and cancer diagnosis at the same time was her motivation to look into holistic and wellness remedies. Today, A R Z É offers a collection of natural beauty and wellness products using pure luxe and cruelty-free botanical blends. The eco-friendly brand is sustainable using recyclable glass jars and bottles! I love their heavenly Facial Serum Gels, which sets them apart from most other brands.


Ooh La La Skincare – Rosemary Lavender Hair, Body and Beard Soap Price: $6.25

The ultimate space saver for your next camping trip! While there’s no shortage of skin care products, what this brand offers is genuinely unique in its ability to address common skin conditions for both women and men, paying special attention that what is absorbed through the pores is all-natural and beneficial to each individual’s needs. It’s skin maintenance that’s accessible for all skin types, naturally revitalizing and nourishing skin and hair for gorgeous results. The brand offers a creative mix of products with organic raw shea butter and signature scents (Hip butter, gap 2, lov u butter) to wow the senses. Shopping for organic skin care products has never been easier or more fun! You’ll say, “Ooh La La.”


Bombay Hair Price: Varies Available on Amazon.

One of Oprah’s favorite things! Bombay Hair 5-in-1 curling wand set made her list in 2021! Bombay Hair tools make it possible to master salon-style from the comfort of your own home. Their biggest sellers are the Hair Waver, giving you those mermaid locks, and their three-in-one wands! The wands are interchangeable, meaning you save some serious drawer space! Made from various precious metals and equipped for long-lasting performance, this brand offers a variety of curling wands, curling irons, flat irons, and styling kits. In addition to hair tools, Bombay has a huge selection of hair extensions. The hair is beautiful, soft, natural hair that is thick from root-to-tip; and there is no silicone used on the hair, so the extensions can be used easily with hot styling tools.


Sisi Spray n’ Style Price: $30.00 Available on Amazon.

Perfect for your next summer vacay! Say goodbye to bulky bottles that take up way too much room in your bag. Sisi Spray N’ Style combines your haircare essentials into one convenient tool. Inspired by her daughter’s sensory needs and a popular comb and spray combination from the ‘80s, founder Jessica Urzua added the modern needs of women today to create her own unique design. With interchangeable bottles, you can have one for your detangling products, another for your leave-in conditioner, and another for pre-heat treatments. The innovative curved brush head with a mix of boar hair bristles and nylon pins glide through hair to detangle with ease and pain-free.


Heatless Hair Price: Varies Salon-quality curls while you sleep.

Avoid all the damage curling irons and blow-dryers cause with Heatless Hair and their silk Curling Ribbon. The Curling Ribbon gives you total control over how you want your hair to look. Wanting tighter curls? Wrap your hair tightly around. Or achieve beachy-looking waves by adding a bit of slack. There are an endless amount of looks you can have. Simply place, twist, sleep, and you’ll have effortless, bouncy curls in no time. Every aspect of Heatless Hair’s products was created to promote healthy hair. Handmade in Los Angeles, the ribbons, scrunchies, and hair clips were designed to give your hair more shine and prevent breakage and frizz. The ribbons are made from 100% silk and a soft hypoallergenic blend of cotton. Meaning you get a new way of curling your hair without the heat.


Jack59 Price: Varies Available on Amazon.

For those looking for a plastic-free alternative for their shampoo and conditioner. Jack59 crafts sustainable shampoo and conditioner bars using high-quality ingredients, natural botanical extracts, and the best bubble makers on the market. Their products are plastic-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, vegan and have gluten-free options. Since they started, Jack59 has prevented over 500,000 plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill.

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