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53% Of Students Are Not Taught The History Of Juneteenth

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June 19th, 1865 was one of the most pivotal days in American history, yet over 50% of students are not taught about it in school. A combination of the words ‘June’ and ‘nineteenth’, Juneteenth is a holiday to commemorate the last state finally freeing African American slaves.      

Leading digital homework help platform, Brainly, asked students questions about Juneteenth with surprising results:   

  • 53% of middle and high school students do not currently discuss Juneteenth in their schools  
  • However, 60% of students claimed that they understand or have a general idea of the origin of Juneteenth, and 48% said they want to have a Juneteenth-based curriculum in their classes  
  • Despite the importance of Juneteenth only 24% of students have the day off, but an unsurprising 60% think that all students should receive the day off for the National holiday   
  • Over 30% of respondents plan to take matters into their own hands and celebrate with family and friends the significance of Juneteenth    While Juneteenth may not be receiving the recognition it fully deserves, these Brainly students are proof that its importance is growing each year. 

Digital platforms such as Brainly provide immediate access to peers, tutors, and textbooks to stimulate students’ interests in holidays such as Juneteenth! The platform also provides student-prompted questions that dive deeper into the history behind Juneteenth.


  • June 19, 1865:
    • Texas Slaves Finally Gain Their Freedom
  • August 28, 1963
    • Martin Luther King Jr. delivers his I Have a Dream speech to over 200,000 people
  • July 2, 1964
    • President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act
  • 1980
    • Texas becomes the first state to declare June 19th as a state holiday
  • June 14, 2019
    • The Boston Globe writes that Juneteenth deserves an elevated status, and to be declared a National holiday

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