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German fashion brand Boss has announced a new podcast series focusing on artists who “chase their dreams with courage and conviction to define their own path”.  I would love to introduce you to and connect you with Fred Stauffer – one of their first interviewees. Confidentiality, Fred’s podcast episode is expected to launch on October 18th.

Almost every prestigious luxury brand left their in-house digital team to work with him. Commissioned by Louis Vuitton,Miu Miu,Hermes,Balmain,Hugo Boss, and Prada, this mastermind is single-handedly transforming the fashion and digital industries, shifting stigmas, pushing the cusp of trends, and breaking through boundaries. But, who is the man behind the lens?

Today, Stauffer is in-charge of leading luxury brands into the 21st century of fashion. With the ever-evolving world of technology heavily influencing the fashion industry, Stauffer believes that it is now a pivotal moment where brands will either shift into the digital space or be left by the wayside.

Stauffer uses the ever-evolving nature of the digital world to his advantage by creating content that speaks to the new type of consumer. Stauffer was able to give Louis Vuitton a greater voice and presence online to reach the masses in ways they wouldn’t otherwise have been capable of. LV’s very own Creative Director, Olivier Leone, says that Stauffer is unique because he can “create bridges between generations.” Fred’s partnership with Miu Miu allowed him to bring new and old consumers to the brands’ socials as they continue exploring and adapting to trends. Having helped these brands maintain their relevance in a changing landscape, they began to fully trust Stauffer’s vision by giving him full creative control and preparing full sets, solely for Fred, upon his shoot arrivals. As these are only a couple of examples, Stauffer would love to share more about his role in other brands’ push toward the digital space. 

Most recently, Fred was brought on to shoot social media campaigns for Disney. Stauffer has used his expert eye for brand positioning ahead of the upcoming season of the hit show Grown-ish on Freeform. The campaign is set to roll out in the fall.

How Fred got his start: Fred started his career as a photographer, learning and perfecting his technique behind the camera. His ingenuity has grown out of his background, growing up in France and traveling the world have inspired his adaptability, influencing his multitude of styles around photography, film, and content creation. While his specific video style has earned him his repertoire as the most sought-after videographer in his field, Fred’s ingenuity allows him to direct, film, and edit captivating short ads that regularly generate upwards of 35+ million views. Fred got his jump-start into the industry when commissioned by The Louvre Museum to create unique, cutting-edge video content with the Mona Lisa. 

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