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Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ crowned most profitable break-up song, earning $7.8 million

In under a month Miley Cyrus and Shakira have earned a staggering $1,744,407.13 combined from Spotify streams of their trending breakup songs.

That’s according to who scraped Spotify for streaming numbers of the 50 most popular breakup songs. The experts then utilised’s streaming royalty calculator to thus uncover which artist managed to rake in the most from their heartbreak. can reveal that Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ is the highest earning break up song ever, earning $7,897,482.29 in royalties. 

The Top 10 highest earning breakup songs 

RankArtistSongTotal Spotify streamsTotal earned in royalties (avg) 
1.Justin BieberLove Yourself1,974,370,572$7,897,482.29
2.PassengerLet Her Go1,783,861,554$7,135,446.22
3.Olivia Rodrigogood 4 u1,731,195,507$6,924,782.03
4.HalseyWithout Me1,665,580,340$6,662,321.36
5.Charlie Puth ft Selena GomezWe Don’t Talk Anymore1,466,902,855$5,867,611.42
6.AdeleSomeone Like You1,446,515,707$5,786,062.83
7.Bruno MarsWhen I Was Your Man1,436,550,545$5,746,202.18
8.Dean LewisBe Alright1,409,965,240$5,639,860.96
9.GotyeSomebody That I Used To Know1,316,862,531$5,267,450.12
10.Juice WrldAll Girls Are The Same1,189,873,690$4,759,494.76

Please find the full dataset used throughout this study, here

Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ is the highest earning break up song of all time can reveal that Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ ranks first  having potentially earned $7,897,482.29 from almost 2 million Spotify streams. The song originally written by Ed Sheeran has earned over 50% more than Bieber’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. ‘Lose You To Love Me’ has earned just under $4 million ($3,885,926.12). 

Passenger’s ‘Let Her Go’ ranks second, with the 2012 hit raking in a potential $7,135,446.22 from 1.8 million Spotify streams. This is almost a fifth (19%) more than Bruno Mars’ ‘When I Was Your Man’, which has potentially raked in a staggering $5,746,202.18 and was released in the same year. 

Olivia Rodrigo ranks third  with the number one single ‘good 4 u’. The hit has potentially earned $6,924,782.03 in just under two years from the 1.7 million streams. This is almost a quarter (23%) more than Giveon’s ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ ($3,344,636.25)which was released one year earlier. 

Halsey takes fourth  place with the 2020 hit ‘Without Me’, potentially earning $6,662,321.36 in Spotify streams. This is almost a third (28%) more than ex-boyfriend Matty Healy’s band, The 1975, with ‘Somebody Else’ which has so far raked in over $2 million ($2,537,093.29) from Spotify streams. 

Miley Cyrus and Shakira’s trending breakup songs have earned them a combined total of $1,744,407.13 from Spotify streams 

ArtistSongTotal number of Spotify StreamsTotal earned in royalties (avg)
Miley CyrusFlowers255,087,370$1,020,349.48
ShakiraBzrp Music Sessions, Vol 53181,014,413$724,057.65

Miley Cyrus’s ‘Flowers’, has already potentially earned a staggering $1,020,349.48 in less than a month. Written about her ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth, the song has already become a TikTok sensation, with 50 million TikTok views on videos using the ‘Flowers’ audio. 

Shakira has taken the media by stormwith her song ‘Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol 53’. In under a month Shakira has earned a potential $724,057.65 from 180k Spotify streams. Despite being released within a day of each other, Shakira’s Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol 53 has earned almost a third less than “Flowers” — suggesting the Miley Cyrus hit is more popular amongst fans.

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