Liz Glazer’s Debut Comedy Album: ‘A Very Particular Experience’

On the one-year anniversary of her first daughter’s stillbirth, Liz Glazer recorded her debut album. A Very Particular Experience is out today, Friday, May 12 through Blonde Medicine, and available everywhere comedy albums are streamed or sold.  

As a previous winner of the Boston Comedy Festival and Ladies of Laughter Competition and former tenured law professor, Liz’s style is fast-paced and gripping. This debut album about grief, stillbirth, and inherited trauma (Liz is also the grand-daughter of 4 Holocaust survivors) is heartfelt, vulnerable and hilarious all at once. “A Very Particular Experience is the testimony I offered to honor my wife’s and my first daughter Leo Pearl’s stillbirth so as to create something positive from the experience. And while that experience wasn’t and isn’t funny, the album is,” said Liz. 

Liz’s comedy has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and she opens for Maria Bamford. Liz has also appeared as an actor on “The Blacklist” on NBC, “For Life” on ABC, and “BULL” on CBS. She headlines clubs, law schools, law firms, and synagogues, and performs at the Comedy Cellar in NYC. Liz also had a bunch of accomplishments in law, having been published in journals such as the Northwestern University Law Review and the Georgetown Law Journal, where one of her pieces became the subject of a symposium in the journal’s centennial volume. Liz is currently working on a comedy pilot about her life as a law professor turned comedian. Liz lives in New Jersey with her wife who is a rabbi and her cat Jack, who also is. 

A Very Particular Experience is available wherever comedy albums are sold.

Track listing:

1. Hi, Ok.

2. Which is the Real Tragedy?

3. A Cast of Characters

4. I Really Wanted Them to Like Me

5. Your Call May Be Monitored

6. Create Something Positive

7. Inherited Trauma

8. When The Unimaginable Happened

9. The Reasons I Miss Leon Glazer

10. A Very Particular Experience

11. Grieving Party Animals

12. Retail Returns

13. An Eternal Discount

14. Joan Rivers, and Edgar

15. Expired Lox

16. My In-Laws

17. Love Without Worry

18. Pregnancy Planning