The Luckiest Houseplants, According To Feng Shui

Plants are a popular way to bring nature into your home and garden, but what if they can bring you good luck, too? According to Feng Shui, a traditional Chinese practice, some plants and flowers can bring good fortune, health and positive energy into your life.

In the spirit of national gardening month this April, the luck experts at PA Casino were interested in exploring this further. Gathering a seed list of 30 household plants which are considered ‘lucky’ by tradition, the experts then scraped millions of hashtags on the social media platform, Instagram, to discover the top 10 most popular plants to bring you good luck this Spring.

The company which conducted the research:

The top 10 most popular plants to bring you good luck this Spring

RankingPlantArea of luckNo. of Instagram hashtags
1OrchidsLove and partnerships5,248,462
2Aloe VeraEmit bad energy4,841,154
3DaffodilsNew beginnings, talents2,010,174
4EucalyptusMoney and positive energy1,972,069
5BegoniaHappiness and fortune917,204
6CalendulaPrevents evil from entering the home701,249
7Snake PlantMoney, prosperity and good energy454,448
8Desert RoseWealth and fertility368,954
10Pitcher PlantWealth and happiness246,814

Orchids are the most popular ‘lucky’ plant to have in your home

PA Casino can reveal that orchids are the most popular plant said to bring luck into your home with over 5 million (5,248.462) Instagram hashtags. Not only will the flower bring beauty into your home, according to Feng Shui, but placing different coloured orchids around your home will also bring you different elements of good fortune. For example, adding some pink orchids to your bedroom is said to encourage the perfect partner, whereas if you wish for better luck in your career or business, try placing some purple orchids by a window.

The second most popular ‘lucky’ plant is Aloe Vera, with 4,841,154 Instagram hashtags referencing the plant. Typically recognised for its antioxidant and antibacterial properties, it’s no wonder that these plants are said to remove any bad energy from your household. If you work from home, Fung Shui recommends keeping Aloe Vera within 3 feet of your computer as it will filter the electromagnetic energy and bring good vibes to your workplace.

With over 2 million hashtags on Instagram (2,010,174), daffodils rank third amongst the most popular ‘lucky’ households plants. Being one of the first flowers to bloom after Winter, they represent new beginnings and make the perfect addition to your home every Spring. In Feng Shui, daffodils are also said to bring helping talents and abilities flourish, making them a great gift for someone starting a new job.

Pitcher plant ranks tenth

Rounding out the top 10 is the pitcher plant with over 200,000 (246,814) Instagram posts hashtagging the plant. The popularity of this plant comes from the shape of its leaves, which resemble bags, as it is said in Feng Shui that the more leaves or ‘bags’ a pitcher plant has, the more wealth and fortune it will bring into your home. For indoor growing, the purple pitcher plant, or Sarracenia purpurea, is most recommended.