Looking for a Reason to Prioritize a Good Night’s Sleep? Here’s How Improved Rest Can Transform Your Life

From reducing stress to enhancing brain performance, the benefits of catching some Z’s are endless. Enter Lara Smith, CEO of luxury sleep tech brand SOMÉ. She is on a mission to deliver improved sleep to the 41% of adults and 80% of women who suffer from night sweats, especially due to menopause.


Smith founded SOMÉ to create revolutionary sleep products that improve sleep and overall wellness. One of their flagship products, SOMÉ’s award-winning 400TC temperature-regulating sheets, is the first and only 100% cotton sheet that absorbs heat energy before sweat is released. Additionally, SOMÉ’s luxury women’s division, Lusomé, manages night sweats with advanced fabric technology.

Named Good Housekeeping’s 2023 Best Bedding Award Winner and Best Cooling Pajamas Winner, both brands fuse science with luxury fabrics to banish night sweats for a dry and comfortable night’s sleep.

Lara’s Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

  1. Stress Management: Before bed, write down a stressor and one possible action item that could be a solution. Having a plan to address concerns can put your mind at ease.
  2. Embrace JOMO (Joy of Missing Out): Forget about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)! It’s all about embracing the JOY of it and prioritizing self-care by not overextending yourself by saying YES to everything.
  3. Self-Care Rituals: Identify a few special self-care routines, treats, or indulgences that feel luxurious to you (e.g., bubble bath, special pair of PJs, herbal tea, or soothing foot cream) and prioritize these small rituals before bed.
  4. Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine: Establish a calming bedtime ritual and stick to it every night, even if it’s shortened. This routine signals to your body that it’s time to relax and prepare for sleep, so don’t skip that bath, book, or breathing exercises.
  5. Optimize Your Sleep Environment: Ensure your bedroom is cool, dark, and quiet. Invest in comfortable bedding and pillows made from high-quality textiles to enhance your sleep experience.

The Inspiration Behind SOMÉ

Smith understands the importance of a comfortable night’s sleep for overall health and wellness. Inspired by her younger sister’s cancer fight, Lara founded SOMÉ as an innovative sleep solution to overheating and night sweats, a health issue that affects an alarming number of women due to pregnancy, menopause, medical treatments, and chronic conditions.

With over a decade of research into sleep technology and innovative, breathable fabrics, Smith learned that women do not want to be cold as many “cooling” products promise; they simply want to sleep at an optimal body temperature that allows them to sleep peacefully through the night. However, “cooling sheets” and “cooling pajamas” have caught on as popular search terms, causing many false “cooling” claims that mislead menopausal consumers. She has worked with one of the leading textile mills in Asia to develop SOMÉ and its women’s sleepwear division Lusomé, which have become pioneers in the sleepwear and bedding industry.

“There is widespread misinformation that ‘cooling’ sheets have to be crisp and cool-to-the-touch, but that doesn’t mean they offer true cooling benefits to hot sleepers,” explains Smith. “We worked with textile scientists to create products using temperature-regulating technology that delivers real cooling benefits, and therefore, improved sleep and overall health, to millions in need.”

Today, Smith is on a mission to help hot sleepers get a better night’s sleep while educating them with accurate information so they can confidently ask the right questions among the myriad of misinformation.