When Hayman Comes Around 

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There is a certain sense of things, a greater awareness people often feel when greatness and modesty go together in one individual. People can almost feel the power of such a man not only in his deeds, actions, and products–but in his words. It is no wonder that there has been so much excitement surrounding just that type of man, a Mr. Hayman Homer! Not only is he an inspiring figure in the acting world and one of the upcoming stars of the Nashville, TN, scene, having starred in several popular music videos, but he is also beloved worldwide for his incredible journey from Kurdistan to Hollywood. Born in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Hayman was deeply influenced by his family’s resilience and his father’s sacrifice as a member of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces who helped the U.S. fight the nefarious regime of Saddam Hussein. After his father’s death, his mother, Bediah Azeez, raised him and his seven siblings amidst challenging circumstances, instilling in him a strong sense of perseverance and dedication. 

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But a man such as this does not sit idle and rely only on looks and skill, craving to live up to his father’s legacy, he is also the consummate renaissance man, a true scholar. Hayman pursued a degree in political science and international relations from Salahaddin University in Erbil. His academic background and multilingual abilities gave him a broad perspective on global affairs and cultural nuances. This foundation allows him to bring depth and authenticity to his roles, a rare feat for any actor, young or old. 

He is well-traveled as well being celebrated and invited to the most famous of festivals and events in Europe and establishing his reputation in England, France, Italy, and Greece, before he settled in the United States. But he is no spoiled sire of nepotism or privilege, he grinded during his time in Los Angeles working whatever jobs he could to support his career.

They say a great man is forged by struggle, not born, and that is doubly true for Hayman! That is why he, The Man, is coming to America again after almost a year abroad. He has a powerful set of projects to share and in his own words: “As an artist, I am driven by the endless possibilities that America offers in the world of filmmaking.” 

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Hayman’s breakthrough came with roles in national and global commercials and eventually, significant film roles. His portrayal of Jesus Christ in the upcoming film “The Messiah,” in his own words, was transformative: 

“To portray such an iconic figure is not just a role; it’s a journey into the very essence of humanity’s cultural and spiritual heritage. I am incredibly humbled and excited to bring this powerful character to life, contributing my interpretation to the universal narrative of hope and compassion, especially during these times.”

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He will also be a war medic in “Aman.” Both films have garnered him recognition and praise internationally. 

These roles reflect his versatility and commitment to storytelling that resonates with audiences globally. His work is not just confined to acting; he is also a film producer with ambitions to bring stories like the saga of Kawa the Blacksmith to life on the big screen. This is no small task. Kawa is the national Kurdish hero, akin to Hercules for the Greeks or George Washington for Americans. Epics like these take a lot of negotiation and tact, and Hayman, with his team, is putting in the hours to make sure his fans and fans-to-be get content that is different from the humdrum recycled content that has struggled since the pandemic. Hayman’s films are about authenticity but also revolution, for what is more revolutionary than what is original and stunning to all the senses? 

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Hayman’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of art and storytelling. His vision extends beyond personal success to using his platform to highlight social and political issues, influenced by the impactful narratives of films like “Yol (The Road)” by Kurdish filmmaker Yilmaz Gunay. He aims to give voice to the overlooked stories and contribute to the cultural dialogue through his work in film. 

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His journey from the picturesque landscapes of Kurdistan to the diverse and dynamic world of Hollywood serves as an inspiration, showing how determination, talent, and a deep connection to one’s roots can lead to remarkable achievements in the arts. As the title of the article implies, when The Man comes around, it isn’t hard to see his greatness. But to truly appreciate Hayman Homer, is to find the means to appreciate the universal self in a way that is powerful, thoroughly global and Kurdish, and most of all an American dream! 


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