Go-To Fashion Stylist: Fashivly x Personal Styling Virtualized and Revolutionized

Have you ever begrudgingly slithered over to your closet in the morning, opened its doors, and dreaded picking out yet another outfit for yet another day? Ashlyn Greer and her styling phenomenon Fashivly are here to make fashion feel fun again and transform the way you feel about getting dressed.

Founded in 2020 after Ashlyn got through the height of the pandemic by messaging friends and colleagues and selling them personal styling guides, Fashivly is an online personal styling experience that is designed just for you, beginning to end and head to toe. When you order Fashivly’s Five Look or Ten Look Style Guide, Ashlyn and her team of professional stylists and fashion industry experts will send you a guided questionnaire that covers everything from your day-to-day life to your style dreams. From there, these Fashivly fashionistas will do a deep dive into everything that makes you you and scour the internet to piece together ensembles that suit your body, your wants, and even your budget. 

On your requested date, you will receive a shoppable PDF via email of five or ten fully realized, accessorized, and stylized looks with direct website links to shop whatever you connect with. No meetings to schedule, no pressure to buy, and best of all, no boxes to return. While similar services offer solutions that simply check “buying clothes” off of one’s to-do list, Ashlyn and her co-founder Mollye Rivera strive for every single customer to feel inspired, excited, and energized about having a clearer and more concrete personal style.

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