Study reveals, New York is one of the most popular ‘old money’ destinations in the US

It’s official – Gen Z have left Y2K behind and are now obsessing over the “old money” style with over 2.5 billion TikTok views for #oldmoneyaesthetic. Also known as ‘quiet luxury’, this trend conveys high-end elegance and sophistication that is understatedsubtle, and free from overt displays of wealth

But which US state has mastered the art of subtle refinement? Intrigued by the “old money” craze, the team at decided to investigate the most popular “old money” hotspots in the USA, combing through over 5 million Instagram hashtags. 

The most popular “old money” destinations in the United States

#LocationMedian household income 2017-2021 (USD)Total Instagram hashtags
1Napa Valley, California$97,4982,510,545
2The Hamptons, New York$125,8612,444,870
3Jackson Hole, Wyoming$83,2891,202,503
4Nantucket, Massachusetts$116,5711,152,331
5Scottsdale, Arizona$97,4091,077,154
6Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts$73,8491,053,773
7Hilton Head, South Carolina$87,884853,892
8Newport, Rhode Island$90,435788,898
9Maui, Hawaii$88,249734,251
10Hudson Valley, New York$80,700561,390

The Hamptons, NY amongst the most popular “old money” destinations

Ranking at a close second, we have The Hamptons, NY, racking up over 2.4 million hashtags on Instagram (2,444,870). Home to Cooper’s Beach, this coastal haven is synonymous with wealth, exclusivity, and high society – a truly luxurious escape from the city. Renowned for its upscale dining, exclusive shopping and vibrant social scene, The Hamptons is a celebrity hotspot, with Beyonce and Jay Z purchasing a local $26 million mansion1 to call their summer home. The Hamptons boasts a median household income sitting at a whopping $125,861 – 30% more than in Napa and highest overall, offering a taste of the good life that few places can rival.

Napa Valley, CA named the most popular “old money” destination

Slot Tracker can reveal that Napa ValleyCA, is the top ‘old money’ hotspot in the US, with a mind-blowing 2,510,545 hashtags on Instagram – almost 40 times the number of hashtags of Big Sur, the next Californian city on our list. This picturesque region captivates visitors with its breathtaking vineyards and wineries, even attracting celebrities like the Kardashians who have been spotted at Del Dotto Vineyard2. For nature enthusiasts, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities, from scenic hiking trails to championship golf courses, and you can even embark on an adventurous hot air balloon ride to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Napa Valley. Solidifying this ‘old money’ hotspot, Napa Valley has a median household income standing at $97,498 (

Jackson Hole, WY has landed a solid third place on our list of the most popular old money destinations, with an impressive 1,202,503 hashtags. This stunning mountain town may not have the same level of glitz and glamor as some of its rivals, but it more than makes up for it with its breath-taking natural beauty and rustic charmAdventure seekers can hit the slopes at the world-class Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for thrilling skiing and snowboarding experiences whereas for wildlife enthusiasts, a visit to Grand Teton National Park is a must. The median household income in Jackson Hole stands at $83,289 – 3% higher than in Hudson Valley, NY.

Hudson Valley, NY, rounds out the top 10

The picturesque Hudson Valley, NY, has landed itself a spot on our list, coming in at number 10 with a respectable 561,390 hashtags. Having a median household income of $80,700, the Hudson Valley is known for its affluent residents and upscale lifestyle. To fully embrace the ‘old money’ aesthetic, immerse yourself in the charm of Hudson, a vibrant town lined with beautifully preserved historic buildingsart galleries, and antique shops.

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