Most Popular Side Hustles Taking The USA By Storm

In an era where traditional employment may not always suffice, the rise of side hustles has become a prominent trend, offering individuals avenues to supplement their income. However, not all side gigs are created equal, as evidenced by new data shedding light on the most and least popular choices across different countries.

Photo: Pexels

Spencer, a seasoned author and content writer at The Small Business Blog, delves into the trends shaping the side hustle landscape, particularly focusing on the preferences of Americans.

Top Side Hustles in the USA

The data paints a vivid picture of the side hustles captivating the American populace. Topping the charts is dropshipping, boasting a staggering 157,000 monthly searches. This surge in interest can be attributed to its low barrier to entry and potential for lucrative returns. By outsourcing storage and shipping logistics, entrepreneurs can dabble in e-commerce without the burden of hefty upfront costs.

Following closely behind is the ubiquitous Uber driving, with 134,000 searches per month. Its allure lies in its flexibility, allowing individuals to monetize their vehicles and time on their own terms. From ferrying passengers to delivering food, Uber offers a spectrum of opportunities for those seeking supplementary income.

Why Dropshipping Dominates

The dominance of dropshipping underscores the allure of a business model devoid of inventory management headaches. Entrepreneurs can curate diverse product offerings without the need for substantial capital investment, making it an attractive proposition for aspiring business owners.

Conversely, photography languishes at the bottom of the popularity spectrum, with a mere 1,500 monthly searches. Despite its creative appeal, the photography industry grapples with fierce competition and evolving consumer preferences. The ubiquity of smartphones equipped with advanced camera technology has democratized photography, posing challenges for professionals aiming to carve a niche in the market.

Side Hustle Dynamics Around the Globe

Venturing beyond American shores unveils intriguing variations in side hustle preferences. In Australia, Uber driving reigns supreme, mirroring its popularity in the USA. However, peculiarly, four side hustles—podcasting, e-commerce reselling, photography, and Amazon jobs—vie for the least sought-after designation. High competition and demanding work conditions contribute to the lukewarm reception encountered by these pursuits.