Here’s How To Brighten Dull Skin

If you spent too much time in the sun and are noticing newly developed skin discoloration, it might be time to try a new skincare ingredients to your skincare routine to tackle unwanted pigmentation. One such product is Ferulic Acid: an antioxidant known to stabilize Vitamin C and target the look of uneven skin tone. 

Photo by Shiny Diamond:

NUDESTIX’s new Nude Glow Peptide Serum might just become your new holy grail product. This serum claims to brighten, hydrate, and smooth your skin, while also serving as an excellent makeup primer to enhance your natural glow. By combining Ferulic Acid with Vitamin C, this serum can improve your complexion and address overall uneven skin tone. Formulated with 0.5% Ferulic Acid, the Nude Glow Peptide Serum helps prevent the appearance of new blood vessels under the skin, reducing visible veins, redness, and dark spots.

According to a press release from NUDESTIX, Nude Glow Peptide Serum contains: 5% Vitamin C, 5.5% multi-peptides, 3% Niacinamide, 0.5% Ferulic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid. Together, these ingredients boost your skin’s natural daily glow, leaving you with a bright, even, smooth, and youthful-looking complexion.